Lithium Innovations Foil Production Specs

Thin Strip Lithium Foil
Chemical Name: Lithium Foil
Chemistry: Li
CAS#: 7439-93-2
Atomic number: 3
Molecular Weight: 6.941 g.mol -1
Electronegativity according to Pauling: 1.0
Density: 0.53 -3 at 20 C
Melting point: 180.5 C
Boiling point: 1342 C
Isotopes: 2
Electronic shell: 1s22s1 or [He] 2s1

Foil Specifications
Thickness: 0.1mm (.0039) to 3.175mm (0.125)
Thickness Tolerance: (+/-0.076mm : +/-.0003)
Width: 12.5mm (0.500) to 127mm (5.0)
Width Tolerance: (+/-0.10mm : +/-.004)

All lithium foil wound onto I.D. & O.D specific spools
Spools are placed in aluminized pouches and vacuum purged and sealed in 100% Argon
Custom metal canisters house multiple, prepackaged spools in pouches, assuring foil integrity during shipment

Purity Specifications
99.9% Li
*0.006% K
*0.006% Na
*0.006% Ca
*0.001% Fe
*0.010% Si
*0.005% Al
*0.003% Ni
*0.002% Cu
*0.005% Mg
*0.002% Cl
*0.030% N
* Not to exceed values

Bright silver surface throughout
No oxides, nitrides, cracks, laminations, oils, scratches, marring, etc.

Outbound shipments will have proper labeling affixed; UN1415 Hazard Class 4.3 Dangerous When Wet
Air shipments sent per the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR)

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