Modularity and Applications
Li Innovations technology (LiNDA) is modular and scalable:
  • Hand-held scanning devices
  • Monitors for shipping containers
  • Neutron detector vests
  • Backpack neutron detectors
  • Unattended radiation monitors
  • Radiation portal monitors
LINDA handheld neutron detector
Applications for LiNDA:
  • Monitor/scan ocean containers, over 17 Million worldwide
  • Monitor/scan air cargo, over 5 Million worldwide
  • Security professionals (e.g., in ~18,000 U.S. police depts.)
  • Nuclear plants/facilities
  • Cosmic ray neutrons
  • Oil & gas well diagnostics
  • Medical equipment
LiNDA Security Camera Application
LiNDA Security Camera application for any place security monitoring is used.
LiNDA Gate Application
LiNDA gate monitor for trains, trucks, automobiles, etc.
shipping containers
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