We are proud to announce our selection as a 2017 DefenseTechConnect Innovation Awardee. Only 15% of all innovations submitted to the Defense Innovation Summit (DITAC) were selected for this Award. Rankings are based on the potential positive impact the submitted technology will have for the warfighter and national security. To learn more, visit: http://defenseinnovation.us.
Lithium Innovations Company, LLC
collaborating with Lucintech Inc is proud to present:
(Lithium Innovations Neutron Detector Array)
LINDA neutron detector layers
Detector stack, consisting of two(2) 14 pixel semiconductor modules with Li-6 sensitizer layer sandwiched between two barrier layers.

LiNDA technology advantages over conventional neutron detectors:
  • Low cost, based on large-area coating technologies
  • High sensitivity to neutrons
  • Blind to gammas, avoids false positives
  • Light weight, suitable for drone operation
  • Low voltage operation (12V)
  • Low power draw for extended battery operation
  • Scalable to large sizes, suitable for 3He replacement
  • All solid-state design, rugged, durable
Li Innovations and Lucintech bring unique capabilities and experience from large-area coatings fields into neutron detector applications:
  • Our technology is based on large-area coating and handling capabilities developed for electrochromic windows and for thin-film photovoltaics
  • Isotopically pure 6Li layers sensitize the thin-film CdS/CdTe detector structure
  • Arrays of large pixels are interconnected to multiply sensitivity
  • Modular thin-film stacks lead to high neutron detection efficiency
Technology development is being assisted by DNDO SBIR contracts
Technology is protected under patent 2015/0287872 and two patents pending
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